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    In the midst of the challenges of COVID-19, the Blue Valley Wrestling Club is planning a modified program this season but focused primarily for our returned wrestlers or wrestlers with previous experience.  This year will be different that our normal and we will be adjusting throughout to maintain the safety of our wrestlers , parents and coaches. We will follow state/county guidelines in relationship to the COVID-19 requirements.

    AGE GROUPS:  The Blue Valley Wrestling Club encourages youth ages 5 to 14 to join.  A positive wrestling experience will follow your child into his or her high school years.  With the increased interest of girls in wrestling (even separate girls division in many states, colleges and Olympics), our program is also open to girls who have interest in wrestling. Wrestling builds character, pride and discipline. 

    COMPETITION:  Wrestlers compete in tournaments based on their age and weight. There are novice and advanced level tournaments depending on the wrestler’s skill and experience.  Tournaments are usually on Saturdays and some Sundays during the months of December, January, February and March.  The tournament host wrestling clubs charge an entry fee for the weekend tournaments. 


    FIRST LAST Skill Division Age Group Weight Class
    Jonas Comer Open 10&Under 65 AM
    Jane Schaefer  Novice 6&Under 42 AM
    Noah Lanning Novice 10&Under 60 AM
    Boone Wilcher Novice 6&Under 48 AM
    Nathan Robb Novice 10&Under 53 AM
    Bryce Bensman Novice 10&Under 75 AM
    Alice Dunavan Novice 10&Under 68 AM
    Steven Vaughan Novice 12&Under 150 PM
    Alyssa Schaefer  Novice 8&Under 53 PM
    Hunter  Howell Novice 8&Under 48 PM
    Arthur Dunavan Open 14&Under 130 PM
    Zeke Payne Novice 8&Under 55 PM
    Quintus “Q” Payne Novice 8&Under 58 PM
    Larick Payne Novice 8&Under 62 PM
    Sam Darling Novice 14&Under 100 PM
    Max Burchfield Novice 14&Under 110 PM
    Ryan Taylor Novice 14&Under 145 PM
    Jaden Kahrs Novice 12&Under 132 PM
    Yazan Tayba Novice 12&Under 140 PM
    Alex Wegner Open 12&Under 81 PM
    Sam Wegner Novice 8&Under 71 PM
    Harrison O'Meara Open 8&Under 46 PM
    griffin muhlbach Open 14&Under 100 PM
    Ethan Hermiston Novice 8&Under 70 PM
    Ethan Hermiston Novice 8&Under 70 PM
    Dylan Schneider Novice Girls - 10&Under 70 PM

    Leavenworth 2/6/22

    First Last Rating Age Group Weight Class
    Alex Wegner Average Open 12&Under 81
    Sam Wegner 2nd Year Novice 8&Under 71
    Dylan Schneider 2nd Year Novice Girls - 10&Under 70
    Noah Lanning 1st Year Novice 10&Under 60
    Ailee Hedgecock 1st Year Novice 10&Under 67
    Bryce Bensman 2nd Year Novice 10&Under 75
    Maxwell St.John 2nd Year Novice 10&Under 51
    Pierce Ver Meer 1st Year Novice 8&Under 80
    Stella  Ver Meer 1st Year Novice 10&Under 77
    Jaden Kahrs 1st Year Novice 12&Under 132
    Owen Martin 1st Year Novice 12&Under 130
    Sawyer Mezger 2nd Year Novice 8&Under 70
    Kilian  Ankenman 2nd Year Novice 8&Under 65
    Boone Wilcher 1st Year Novice 6&Under 48
    Liam Foote 1st Year Novice 6&Under 64
    griffin muhlbach Average Open 14&Under 100
    Nathan Robb 2nd Year Novice 10&Under 53
    Hunter  Howell 1st Year Novice 8&Under 47
    Ethan Hermiston 2nd Year Novice 8&Under 71
    Max Burchfield 1st Year Novice 14&Under 110
    Broderick "Brodie" Colpitts 1st Year Novice 14&Under 185
    Steven Vaughan 1st Year Novice 12&Under 150
    Theron Loxterman 1st Year Novice 10&Under 135
    Cael  Vogel 1st Year Novice 10&Under 94
    Quentin Vogel 1st Year Novice 8&Under 76
    Rocco Lanzisero Average Open 14&Under 90
    Jason Brendel Jr Average Open 14&Under 145
    Lucas Brendel 1st Year Novice 12&Under 90
    Harrison O'Meara Average Open 8&Under 46


    First Last Rank Age Group Weight Class
    Bryce Bensman Novice 10&Under 75
    Luke Meinen Open 10&Under 74
    Noah Lanning Novice 10&Under 60
    Conley Fitzhugh Novice 12&Under 88
    Owen Martin Novice 12&Under 130
    Kilian  Ankenman Novice 8&Under 64
    Harrison O'Meara Open 8&Under 46
    Sam Darling Novice 14&Under 100
    Sawyer Mezger Novice 8&Under 70
    Jane Schaefer  Novice 6&Under 42
    Alyssa Schaefer  Novice 8&Under 52
    Hunter  Howell Novice 8&Under 46
    Nathan Robb Novice 10&Under 52
    Sam Wegner Novice 8&Under 69
    Alex Wegner Open 12&Under 80

    Tournament: Iola, KS 2/20/22


    Blue Valley Wrestling Club Contact

    For information regarding the Blue Valley Wrestling Club, contact  Tricia Wegner ( or 816-645-3733).


    Follow club announcements and see pics and videos through-out our season.